Are you ready for a crash?

Last week I had a spectacular disk crash on my main computer. Thank god I am someone who is anal about backing up my data, and with some wailing and gnashing of teeth, I was up and running within a day.

We all know computers crash, but we always think it will be someone else’s. So what backup system do you have? Consider, what would you do if your hard drive failed now. Or if your computer was stolen?

We creative types rely on what we create to make a living, and almost everything is now digital. Consider some things…

1. 60% of all computer failures are hard drives failing catastrophically. Bye bye data.

2. Is your computer fully firewalled, up to date virus and spyware checking?

3. Scripts and word documents are tiny in data terms, and all you could ever write would easily fit on a £10 USB memory stick.

3. Have you ever even thought about loosing all your work?


There are loads of ways to combat this, but the simplest is to copy your data folder onto a memory stick at the end of each day and keep that on you, even in bed! And those of you with Mac’s thinking, Mac’s don’t have virus problems, spyware, crashes… er, yes they do. Apple has done an excellent job at making you feel secure, warm and fuzzy, but inside your Mac are the same components as a PC and subject to the same problems. Bizarely, that Mac users more vulnerable as you may put off that backup as you feel so secure. Save yourself a headache and backup now.

Go on…

Backup now…

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