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Doccrew002 Many new drama film makers are turning to documentary as a REAL WAY TO MAKE MONEY and survive! We at Living Spirit have done so already. Have you thought about it? What are you currently doing to stay afloat? Have you thought about using your camera, editing software and website as a real way to make a targeted documentary, market and sell direct?

What we have found is that many new film makers are making shorts, low budget features, and not making any money… but the ones who have made a good Documentary, often at the same time as working on Drama, have sold their Doc and made profit. So to expand on this new emerging business model, we are running a one off course for film makers who want to take advantage of this new way to make movies AND make money.

Documentary Film Making is EXPLODING with new film makers winning Oscars, doing deals with broadcasters, selling DVD’s direct, and all with technology they could buy with a credit card. In short, making movies, winning major awards, reaching audiences and making money… We show YOU how to turn YOUR GREAT IDEAS into GREAT DOCUMENTARIES and start a career making movies, AND making a living!

This one off, two day intensive seminar, is run by the authors of The Documentary Film Makers Handbook who are flying in from LA for the event – Brit Film Maker Genevieve Jolliffe and seasoned US Doc Film Maker Andrew Zinnes. They are professional filmmakers who have worked in both the narrative and documentary arena for nearly two decades. Their docs have been seen on the MTV, PBS, BBC, ITV and Ch4.

The course will be held over the weekend of JUNE 2nd / 3rd 2007, at Ealing Studios in June 2007 and costs £227 (shooters get a 10% discount). If you want more information please call 020 875 8544 or mob 07977 516 628. Or got to… http://www.livingspirit.com/GFM-DocCourse.htm

Our goal is to empower YOU to make informed concept choices, to clearly see the market and target it, and to secure funding for your doc and actually make a living from that camera in your hand!

Remember, this is a ONE OFF event so call or email now – 07977 516 628 or mail@livingspirit.com

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