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As we are approaching Cannes, I have been advising some film makers to take a compact DVD player with headphones so that they can show their work on the spur of the moment, to any potential investor / actor / producer / sales agent etc. The technology always gets a look in too, ‘Oh that’s nice… where did you get it?’

And then I found the ultimate gadget for film makers – yes it’s a mobile phone with a video projector built in! Don’t get too excited as it’s not out yet, but it’s a sign of things to come.

TI showed off the components and a prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year and is now touting a working prototype in a phone. The phone is fake, but the projector works.

The projector contains three lasers, a DLP chip and a power supply and measures about 1.5 inches in length. With the projector, the cell phone can beam DVD-quality video onto a screen or a wall, thereby allowing it to serve as a video player or a television. By using the projector, the actual “screen” size can be much larger than what a person would get by using the LCD panel integrated into the phone. The chip inside the phone, in fact, could drive images for a widescreen television.

So the day when we will all walk around with our own personal video projects is fast approaching… I guess the next step may be to even bypass the eyes and tap into the human neural network. Matrix anyone?

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