Healthy Body… Healthy Mind

The next two years are going to be probably the most important in my career. If I am going to really get myself into the position of director for Rocketboy, I am going to have to take care of something I have, sadly, neglected for some time now. Namely, my body. I am am overweight and unfit. There. I have said it. Now I can deal with it.

Healthy boy, healthy mind… That’s what my dad always said to me.

So I have embarked on a healthy diet and fitness regime, nothing too extreme for now, just enough to slide me into an extra hour of energy every day. I will periodically write about any benefits or drawbacks I find.

I did my first session on the elliptical trainer today, and while it hurt like hell, I must admit I feel energized. Perhaps in part as I am now dealing with my health instead of ignoring it. As I speak I am eating an apple, where I might normally eat a KitKat.

So let’s see… I hope it gives my the extra edge I need as I gear up for a MASSIVE short film, followed by the attempt on Rocketboy at $12m!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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