Rocketboy rewrite begins

I am working on the screenplay for Rocketboy today, and going over my notes from the reading last weekend. Two further things have since struck me. I can’t express just how valuable it was to hear my dialogue read out loud. It really does take on a new life – on the page and in my head, it’s always performed perfectly, BUT on the day, it’s re-interpreted by humans, and sometimes it just didn’t work as well as I hoped. What I thought were meaningful and sincere lines sometimes turned out to be clunky and unwieldy. Rewrite! Rewrite! Rewrite!

Another point which really took me off guard – which is obvious if you think about it – is that there is a dog in the story which is often used for comic effect. This went down very well. So well, I need more of it in the third act. I am reminded of the old Hollywood maxim of adding an animal to an average screenplay to turn it into a better script with a better trailer.

Onward and upward!

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