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I have been talking to Sales Agent and Author Stacey Parks about running a seminar later in the year, with her new book on distribution. She has her own subscription website too,, and has free emails every so often. She holds teleconference calls too, and here are some of her pointers from the last one. Fascinating stuff.

The Distributor Teleseminar with Scott Bedno of Showcase Entertainment (fresh back from the Cannes Film Market) went extremely well yesterday. He gave out some awesome information, and some very valuable insight into the foreign sales game…so much that I was furiously taking notes the whole time! It’s far too much information to list here, but here’s a few good tid bits from the call that I wanted to share with everyone:

1. While the Horror and Family films still sell strong in foreign markets, a new ‘Women In Peril’ genre has emerged that some U.S cable outlets (Lifetime) and European and Latin American broadcasters are snapping up.

2. Foreign DVD sales are down, mainly because of the ‘bargain bin’ phenomenon sweeping the world….but foreign Broadcast sales are up.

3. When pulling together all your deliverables, don’t forget to make a ‘fully filled’ M &E track.

4. Working with a foreign sales agent allows you to leverage their years of experience and relationships with buyers. Sales are made on relationships and if you haven’t been doing business with distributors on an ongoing basis, you may end up at the bottom of their priority list.

5. The most important of all your deliverables are SLIDES. Be sure to take at least 50 hi-res images, ACTION shots on the set, so that you can deliver a good amount of 300 dpi images for your campaign and artwork creation.

Scott also said they are now accepting submissions for the upcoming MIPCOM and AFM film markets in the fall. I’ve posted the contacts and submissions details up on the site, so check it out there.

Also, the good news is that if you missed this call yesterday, I’ve already posted an MP3 recording of it up on Film Specific. You can check it out here:

AND…the best news of all is that we’ve locked down Michael Baker, V.P of Acquisitions and Development for North American theatrical distributor THINK FILM for our June Distributor Teleseminar! Stay tuned for details…but this is gonna be one you don’t want to miss…and as always, I’ll be giving you the opportunity to send in all your questions beforehand.

Alright! That’s enough for now. Hopefully you will benefit from the Foreign Sales tips … please let me know if you have any feedback!

Check out her site if you like this little snippet.

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