The Sky Is The Limit

I have been researching into private rocketry for Rocketboy and saw a wonderful doc about Burt Rattan and his SpaceShipOne, and how he won the $10m X prize. This was a privately funded group of dedicated experts who built the first private spaceship, got it into space and then brought it, and it’s passengers back safely.

It was an awesome documentary that really touched and inspired me, not only because they had passion, but also because they were out there, taking huge risks and pulling it off.

At the end of the doc, one of team said, paraphrasing, ‘we often think it takes huge multi national companies or governments to do something enormous – but we did it with just 20 people!’

This soooo resonated with my whole ethos on the film making front. Rutan studied making aircraft all his life, and this has been his greatest success to date. Maybe if we all study filmmaking all of our lives, and we put that knowledge into practice, we too will achieve wonderful things without the help of a major corporation. Boy oh boy, the sky really is the limit!

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