Vada Tiziana Vada!!!

This weekends Documentary Masterclass with Andrew Zinnes and Genevieve Jolliffe went down extremely well. Everyone got plenty out of it, and it looks like some very exciting new doc’s may come out of this session. Most notable for me was the extremely passionate and enthusiastic Tiziana Calleri, an Italian film maker and photographer who is making a doc about her personal relationship with cinema and Fellini. Right now it’s in early stages, but I have never been more certain of someone’s success as I have about Tiziana.

As long as she can capture the sensitivity, love and downright infectious enthusiasm that she herself shows when she talks about the project, I am sure she will make a wonderful and inspired doc.

I can’t wait to see it in all its Technicolor glory!

And of the course, Tiziana herself said in her feedback form ‘DO IT!’

Others said…‘2 days full of ideas, inspiration and expertise, thanks Andrew!’
Roger Stotesbury (Director / Producer)

‘A Good Kick Up The Arse! Great to just sit down and have the chance to focus’
Mark Harris (Film Maker)

‘I came with an off-lined documentary that had problems. I left with something that now worked – even though it wasn’t the same documentary!’
Matt Davis (Film Maker)

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