Writers group therapy

Guy I am prepping for a big script meeting tomorrow. This is to discuss the script notes for Rocketboy that we got and how to advance to the next draft. I have been calling around all my screenwriter friends and convinced everyone to help me out by reading drafts, consulting on story and character, and even rewriting.

I did this a few years ago, effectively creating a writers support group, which often convened at my flat – it usually resulted in great new ideas and huge the consumption of amounts of pizza! Now I am on my new diet regime the pizza will be replaced with apples!

One writer, Guy Rowlands (pic here, while directing his film (Sam Jackson’s Secret Video Diary), has already added loads more ideas and detail, both to Rocketboy and Gone Fishing – all out of one phone call! I must admit I am excited at the idea of getting the old group back together, now we are all older, more experienced and wiser.

The group used to consist of me, Gen (who is now in LA), Jon Walker (who shot all our movies and is a great story guru), editor Eddie Hamilton and writer / sound recordist and director Guy Rowlands. Eclectic group to say the least! I have managed to coerce everyone back except Gen, who frankly, is on the other side of the planet so I guess that lets her off the hook.

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