A Further £500 raised!

Gf As we hit the tarmac running today – Monday – just a recap on where we stand money wise. Over the weekend we received a further £500 in donations. So thank you to Paul Nugent, Huw Jenkins, Hazeley Wilson, Jurgen Wolf, Rod Duncan, John Basham, Steve Payne and Simon Reglar. Splendid. We are in the final negotiations with one of our major partners too, who would bring a third of the budget in one hit. Exciting I can tell you.

I am meeting with DP’s and Designers this week and hope to have someone announced by the end of the week.

I also did a script revision over the weekend, but after consideration, I think I am going to re-tighten the narrative. I added a few ideas that I felt added charm to the narrative, but also added two new locations. Aside from the budgetary implications, I know in my heart that this redraft would drift into slightly slacker and perhaps a little more self indulgent story telling. So it’s got to go.

Onward and upward!

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