Bradgate Brings Some Finance!

12 I am delighted to announce that the production company, Bradgate Films, have come on board as a co-producer for ‘Gone Fishing’. Through their excellent connections they have managed to bring £5k of private investment to the project, which is excellent news.

Here is what Bradgate say about themselves…

‘Bradgate Films are an emerging, midlands based feature film production company. Within Bradgate is a passion for film and over 20 years experience in production. They have produced projects in the

United States, Canada, Thailand, the Seychelles and Monaco in addition to the UK. From micro to millions Bradgate have worked on films including drama, thriller, science fiction, horror and children’s film genres.’

Here is what I can say about Alan and Maria who own and run Bradgate, after we spent a half day chatting over coffee – it’s rare to meet film makers with passion, business acumen and serious experience who are still willing to take a risk and get something special made. Most have been seduced into TV or corporate work, but not Alan and Maria – they still have the fire! So it’s GREAT news for ‘Gone Fishing’ that we have managed to expand our coffers and get a couple of extra experienced hands on deck too.

Onward and upward!

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