DIY mass DVD Duplication

Things are kicking off this end. One thing that has always eaten into my creative time is making DVD’s. So I am biting the bullet and making my own DVD duplicator. This is for all sorts of stuff, but I am looking now to the future with ‘Gone Fishing’ and ‘RocketBoy’. In my experience, people want to see stuff on disks and they want it fast and professionally presented.

Mastering the shows or sequences isn’t a problem, but making lots of disks, while easy, takes longer than you would think. So I have taken step one of a multi step plan – building the DVD duplicator. You can buy pre built units, but I have a few spare DVD-R drives and a 320gb hard drive, so I bough the bits and will assemble them this week. This will be a four drive burner, with internal Hard Drive partitioned into 25 separate 10gb partitions. Each partition can hold a dual layer DVD, which means I can store 25 ‘virtual’ DVD’s on the stand alone unit (no need to connect to the computer – amazing!), and burn four DVD’s at a time (at up to 16 speed, though from experience, I will probably stick to 4 or 8 speed). At full whack I should be able to burn around 30 – 50 disks an hour. All this for under £200!

I will let you know how I get on. For now, those who are interested, I bought this housing (which my good friend Jon Walker bought and got up and running very quickly) from

Stage 2 will be a robotic DVD printer for the face printing. Let’s see how that one goes! (so far I can’t find any real solution for under about £600 plus VAT!)

Onward and upward!

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  1. DVD Duplication February 15, 2009 at 3:15 am #

    In case u need to have more than 500 DVDs, using the tower will duplicate pretty fast but the printing part is really a pain. Consider hiring a professional replicator then. New Cyberian in San Jose, CA is one of the best.

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