Time to bite the bullet (a small one at any rate)


I have become more involved in ‘Green’ issues recently, and so decided to bite the bullet on one aspect in my life where I have often felt like I don’t know the real answer. Solar power has always seemed like a no brainer for me. Free power from the sky. But does it really work – I have heard opinions in both directions. And so I bought a small solar charger for my mobile phone from eBay. I use my phone all the time, and my plan is to see how long I can go without having to re-charge from the power socket in the wall. If this works, I hope to power my phone permanently from the sun. Incidentally, it will also charge sitting on my desktop under my light.

For now, let’s not worry about the carbon footprint of the actual manufacturing costs versus the actual savings from not powering via the electricity supply (never mind deliver from Japan).

I just want to see if it works, and if so, how much can it be scaled up?

I will keep you posted.

On another note, my new exercise regime is starting to work. I do feel like I have more energy, and also tend to watch what I eat that bit more – I now know just how much work it takes to burn even 100 calories!

Onward and upward!

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