Day one…

Crew Day one. Highs and lows.

We have been very fortunate as pretty much uniformly, we have an excellent and very professional crew. I bonded very much with Johno, our first AD. What a cool guy. And very talented too. Also the camera team are simply awesome. As are the sound team too for that matter. And not leaving out the excellent lighting team. We are very lucky.

It all started so well, shooting on location in Dorking in the garden of a really lovely couple, Nicky and Simon. Their home is amazing and provided us with an incredible backdrop.

We began with a few complex dolly shots which all worked very well. We then moved location and did two wonderful shots on a 300mm lens… and then it all went horribly wrong.

We were using a  Low Loader, a truck onto which you park a car, so you can drive the car around with the actors inside it without having to drive themselves. The car we used was very difficult to rig, we ran out of time and light, the road we chose had bends that were too tight… I could and will write a chapter on what I learned about shooting on a low loader, just not tonight! Anwyway, we did cover the scene, but it was rushed and really only half done, though there is enough to make it work. We will try and shoot more at some point. Though not in the same location.

James Unfortunately, some of the people in the residents association for the road where we filmed, thought that we were taking advantage of them or creating a problem. We tried our hardest to minimise any disruption and even though I only had a few moments with one guy, he seemed determined to lock us out – he did not seem interested in knowing more about this unique film, what our aspirations are and what we are aiming for, namely the Oscars.

Sadest of all, the other residents I did meet seemed to love what were doing, actively came to watch, decided to stay in touch so they can come to the premiere, and even ended up (well some of the kids anyway) in the film! I do hope their residents group can iron things out and help remain part of making this amazing little movie. I am sure they will. 

James and Bill acted very well today and we managed to get one shot in the bag that was frankly, gob smacking! It brought a tear to more than a few crew members eyes.

Right. Bed. I am up at 6am again. Tomorroiw we shoot the set at Ealing Studios.

Onward and Upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author 

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