The budget is in…

Sabina Producer, Sabina Sattar, has spent the last week tallying up the budget.

We have gone over budget.

I knew we had so during the shoot as a number of problems came up and I just sanctioned them, saying we can figure out how to deal with it once we have it all in the can.

Some of the small stuff were things like parking fines, and in our case, one very unjust parking fine. Also congestion charges, lighting consumables due to our huge camera department, a genny operator who had to be supplied with the generator who was legally allowed to handle the 80kw of power we had, catering for a crew larger than expected, shooting more film than expected… And there was one major expense which politically I cannot disclose just now, but will do so in due course. The upshot is that we are now running at around £21,500. We have almost all of post production sorted for free, and suggest we will only need a further £1,500 for that, plus some money for a full orchestrated score. My guess is that we will come in around the £23,500 mark.

So far we have raised £18,500, leaving us a little short.

We will be supplying a copy of the pre production budget on our course, plus the full budget from the shoot (among details on all other aspects of production). This will prove to be a fascinating case study of how to spend money, where it goes, and the impact of going over budget. On this occasion, the big overage was one of those choices where I fully know we made the right choice to spend the extra cash. When you see the film, you will know just why we made that choice. I think you will agree too.

If you want to come on this course about how we made Gone Fishing, get an associate producer credit on the film and come to the premiere, you can sign up here. But do it asap as we will be locking credits for the end roller soon.

Right… onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author 

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