Gone Fishing gets its 100th contributor!

Budget1_2 We hit our 100th contributor last night (thank you Wendy!), bringing the total raised so far to…


Blimey! I mean really, BLIMEY!

We are still short though, so if you know anyone who may want to come on the course or come to the premiere, click here. I have been working on the £100 film makers package, and there are details on our website here. Again, if you know anyone who may be interested, send them the link. I am working on adding extra content for the course too, and remember, for those who are interested, we will be allowing people into the final grade (at 2k film res) and final mix (Dolby Digital) just to get a taste of the experience.

So here is the roll call of the latest Associate Producers…

Tom Evans
Marino Santirso Ruiz
Tom Evans
Jon Sorenson
Martyn Bamber
Jean Verdi
Stuart Reid
C K Chu
Pete Bryden
GF Ellis
Simon Coddington
James McGough
Jonathan Wilkinson
Emilio and Rosa Landino
Beryl and Finley Ellis
Andrew Welding
Sarah Hickman
nic hodgkinson
Christine Cheung
Amy Enticknap
Desire Densiti
Trevor Hughes
Chris Wetton
Conway Churchill
Flo Churchill
Ed Every
Rachel Murray
Ray Battersby
James Lord
Mary Long
Maria Landino
Tamsin Stevens
Adam and Tara
Simon Van Der Spoel
Alastair Nicholson
Linda Potgieter
Jan Potgieter
Katherine Shannon
Ian Seckington
Ken Royall
Susan Heneghan
Russ Wharton
Alex Clennel White
Mark Fogwill
Dominic and Jane Landino
Stuart Teare
Andrew Delaplaine
Juill Greenman
Parham and Lotti
Margaret Smith
Brendan Deere
Phil Ashcroft
Tim Mewton
Scott Devenport
Iain Spence
Leonie Jones
Lucian Cristian Branea
Graham Inman
Pasquale Bellini
Wendy Pauw

You can read the original proposal here.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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