Pickup shoot moved for weather

Lighting Gone Fishing looks absolutely amazing. In large part this is down to Vernon’s photography and his insistence that we wait on the sun. We were very lucky in the main shoot and managed to shot mostly in bright sunshine, which Vernon then filled the harsh shadows with a whopping great 15k light and bounce boards.

We were supposed to be shooting pickup shots today but we moved the dates on Monday as the BBC weather site predicted cloud and rain. Now it’s looking like Friday or Saturday will be the pickup days. I now begin each day with the ritual of logging onto the BBC weather site and checking out the five day forecast for Dorking, the location where we are shooting. It’s important that we get the sun otherwise it will be hard to get shots to match.

You can view a clip here from Gone Fishing, the first one is without the sun, the second is with the sun (there were clouds when filming – This clip is ungraded and low contrast as it has come straight from the 35mm neg). You can see just how much difference it makes. Amazing really.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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