Test Screening 3 and final roller

Credits Last night, after a small re-edit, we held another test screening. Results were as usual very interesting. No revelations this time, just amplifications on what we already knew, and a few more ideas to integrate into final picture grading.

At some point, screenings like these start slipping into opinion – which isn’t much use. Analysis paralysis! We only need to know what worked and what didn’t in terms of story mechanics. So we are now pretty clear, the story is working as we intended. We are now effectively picture locked, and we can get on with the visual effects, audio track lay, picture grading and final mastering.

I have begun the process of getting the neg scanned for VFX, so let’s see how fast we can get those special effects shots done! The final picture element to lock down is the end roller, and editor Eddie Hamilton is going to be making a temp roller tonight so we can lock down length and timing.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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