Producer Ivan Clemmenst AFM report 2

Ivan Here is the second and final part of Ivan Clemments report from the American Film Market… I like the picture here, it’s Ivan, a producer (left), being a grip! (from Gone Fishing).

I'm now back at LAX waiting for my flight and half rack of ribs to stuff my fat face with if I have time. I've just spoken to Chris to tell him the news that the market was tough. The writers strike, far from me thinking it would mean that all the sales agents and distributors would be hungry for new product, simply went into overdrive to sell as much product as possible. Which pretty much left me out in the cold.  I did manage several meetings but because of the mayhem, people were only taking in maybe a tenth of what I was talking about.

A meeting that I was particularly exited about, with the Bank of Ireland, turns out to be on of those 'when you have finance in place, a major star attached, finished the movie, won an Oscar and are totally bankable, then we'll give you some money'… YAWN.

I had several very productive meetings with Charlie and it looks like we're on track to have him as an Exec Producer for Rocketboy! Had a hilarious meeting with a guy from a company called XXXXXXX (Chris has edited this for discretion!) Pictures. They are in the business of 'forward P&A' (Prints and Advertising). On the face of it, it sounded interesting. They will guarantee a certain level of P&A budget based on your project (up to a mil). You can then use that to raise some finance for your movie. Charlie was in on this meeting. As it progressed, I could barely keep a straight face as the guy proceeded to tell us that as producers, we would have to put up 1% of the P&A budget to 'secure' it. Then they get a 10% management fee, 25% interest pa, and 10% of the movie. I won't bore you with anymore details but it was a scream…

Dashing for plane now…

Blimey. Onward and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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