Prepping the premiere!

Prem The last couple of days have been spent organising the premiere. The tickets have arrived from the printers, and they look great! Steph Wrate, who also worked in the production team on ‘Gone Fishing’, has been calling everyone to make sure they are coming. I have been working primarily on the Masterclass that will be taking place during the day. Running an event like this is almost as much work as making a film, there are so many little things to iron out, and it’s so much harder when you have no money to do it.

Getting in contact with people has been an uphill struggle too. Some people just don’t respond to your request for info about their attendance. Some people get the mails held in a spam folder (what is the use of a spam filter if you have to check it?!?) Some people I am guessing aren’t picking up mails until the new year. It’s a monumental task! But, on the whole, it’s all coming together and it promises to be a very special day indeed.

Contacting everyone has made me look harder at where everyone is from, and I am truly amazed at the global nature of the contributions – the furthest I believe is Towoomba in Australia! But there are people from France, Spain, Germany, Africa, USA, Canada, all contributing… and we will have guests at the premiere who are flying in from Berlin, LA, Vancouver… Blimey!

Later this week I will be at Videosonics, completing the sound, and the following Monday I am back at Midnight Transfer doing a single day of final VFX tweaks and laying off the edit onto HDCAM SR tape, and archiving the data for 35mm transfer.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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