Final preparations and De-Spotting

Bond The last few days have been a whirlwind of preparations for both the seminar and premiere of Gone Fishing on Saturday. Believe it or not, with only two days to go, the film is not yet complete! Right now, it is being de-spotted by Tom, at Midnight Transfer. We shot on Gone Fishing on film, and film is a mechanical process where occasional flecks of dirt can find their way onto the image. The process of de-spotting paints out these minor blemishes. It’s not a terribly hard process most of the time (outside of major negative damage), BUT it’s really painstaking… So a moment to consider Tom as he does this essential but often un-thanked task to deliver to us all, an image that is superb. So thank you Tom, we all appreciate your excellence and hard work!

My printer is running 24 hours now, in an attempt to print everything out for Saturdays seminar. It’s all going well and everything is on schedule, but like a movie, there really is a huge amount to do! I have three long To Do Lists with all manner of things on them. We are planning to video record the whole seminar which will make it available in the future on DVD – all eight hours we hope. We also hope to include interviews on Saturday with a few key crew members to explain how they tackled the problems they faced.

Tonight I will be going out to get my Dinner Jacket sorted. Those of you who know me will fully appreciate how much horror this fills me with. I rarely get dressed up, let alone go into a shop for a fitting! Blimey! Still it’ll be worth it.

Getting VERY close now… Two days and ticking…

Onward and upward…

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

Stop Press – I just spoke to Tom at Midnight Transfer and he confirmed that he has just completed the de-spotting… So with one working day left before the premiere, we still need to master the film onto HDCamSR tape for the premiere, both picture and sound… Goodness, you need nerves of steel for this!

STOP PRESS AGAIN! I just managed to buy a whole dinner suit, on offer, from M&S, for just £74 – Jacket, shirt, trousers and of course, dickie bow! Not a bad investment.

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