One day to go… Gone Fishing Premiere

BAFTA cinema

One day to go…

And the film is still not complete! And BAFTA keep changing their minds about what we can and cannot do in terms of screening… And I am about to have a heart attack!

The seminar is all coming together nicely though, and it looks like it will be an amazing day.

But everything else is distressingly incomplete. Mainly the movie. On reflection, this is one reason why exhibitors have held on to 35mm for projection. The format just works, and it is very robust. You can pretty much screen it in any cinema on the planet with only a moments setup for sound format and picture aspect ratio.

HD has a long way to go before it standardises on a global level in that way.

Last night I mastered a DVD from a TIFF stream Midnight Transfer gave me. And it looks AWESOME. I also got the sound converted from the 24bit / 24fps cinema mix to a 16bit / 25fps DVD mix. I had to go in and clamp down the levels on the sub woofer track at two points as when I made my first DVD, it overloaded my amplifier and it shut down! It was a minor change and served to highlight how theatric presentation and domestic presentation are two different formats with different technical specs. One doesn’t necessarily work in the other without some modifications. Anyway, the sound is FANTASTIC too, and that DVD is now serving as my bullet proof, it will ‘play one the day’ backup should the HD playback develop unforeseen problems. Without this kind of built in redundancy, I always feel very exposed. And I have learned two things from experience. There are always problems. And the show must go on.

Onward and upward!

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