So the drive for the Oscars begins…!

Oscar_ceremony_posters_80 Now Gone Fishing is in the final stages of mastering, it’s time to look more closely at film festivals, hopefully some wins, and the Oscars. In order to be considered for a nomination at the Oscars, we will need to win an accredited festival… here is a long list on the Oscars site. So now we have at least a hit list.

Looking at this years Oscar nominations for best short film, I am suddenly aware of just how ‘flipside’ of the Oscars, the short film awards actually are. They could not be further from ‘Titanic’, ‘Dances with Wolves’, ‘Gladiator’, ‘Lord Of The RIngs’  etc… Here is a summary of the five nominated films for this years awards…

Atnight1 At Night – Three young women share their problems while spending the holidays in a hospital cancer  ward.

Ilsupplentethesubstitute Il Supplente (The Substitute) – The arrival of an unusual newcomer galvanizes the students in a high school classroom.

Lemozartdespickpocketsthemozar Le Mozart des Pickpockets (The Mozart of Pickpockets) – A pair of unlucky thieves find their fortunes have changed when they take in a deaf homeless boy.

Tanghiargentini Tanghi Argentini – A man who must learn to dance the tango in two weeks asks an office colleague for help.

Tontowoman The Tonto Woman – A cattle rustler meets a woman who is living in isolation after being held prisoner for eleven years by the Mojave Indians.

It looks like ‘quirky’ and / or quite serious / issues-tastic is the order of the day. Just how Gone Fishing may fit into that mindset for next years awards, I don’t know… but that’s not going to stop me. I look forward to watching the awards and seeing who wins. I also look forward to seeing the films in due course, especially the winner of course. I can only imagine how excited these film makers will be, and I wish all of them the very best of luck. And I hope they remember to enjoy the ride while they are on it!

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author



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