Business Cards For Cannes

Gf1 As part of my preparing for Cannes, I decided to make new ‘Gone Fishing’ business cards. It was cheap as chips to do at VistaPrint and done and dusted in under 30 minutes. I used one of the main images from the film, shot by DP Vernon Layton, and then mocked up a logo that will do for now – we are still looking forward to what the Creative Partnership will come up with, but I had to get these cards printed now or risk not having it sorted before Cannes.

Over the years, I have noticed a gradual shift in the way we swap details – it used to be a ‘calling card’, but now it’s more often a digital file – an email, beamed phone contact (that never works) or a text (which in Cannes will cost a few quid to send!). I am a serious techy myself but I am still staggered at how utterly rubbish computers seem to be at things like swapping addresses and the like, and don’t get me started on the hideously over engineered MS Outlook! I guess iPhone is the way forward in the film business, and I am sure will see a proliferation when in Cannes next month.

For now, I am happier with my glossy business card with a great image from the movie, and my contact details on the reverse.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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