Cannes Cannes Cannes!

Pp Cannes fever is starting to kick in. And it’s VERY exciting. We put Gone Fishing into the festival and we all hope that we get selected. I have to mention one unsung star of Gone Fishing. French Film maker Sylvie Bolioli has been helping out in the background at almost every turn. Her latest immense job was that of translating the press pack for Gone Fishing into French. You can view it here. It’s pretty nifty.

We wanted to remove as many potential barriers to possible selection in Cannes – and that meant professionally translating everything.

And then we just got this email back from Cannes!

Monsieur / Madame Chris JONES

Nous avons bien reçu votre film GONE FISHING

La conférence de presse annonçant les films sélectionnés pour le Festival de Cannes se déroule durant la seconde quinzaine d’avril. Is votre film est sélectionné pour le Festival de Cannes, vous serez prévenu avant cette date.

Nous essayerons dans la mesure du possible de donner des réponses à tous les candidats avant la conférence de presse.


Festival de Cannes
Département Films

Dear Chris JONES

We have received your film GONE FISHING

The press conference will be held in the last two weeks of April. If your film is selected for the Festival de Cannes, you will be notified before the press conference

We will do our best to notify all candidates before the press conference.

Yours sincerely,

Festival de Cannes
Film Department


So thank you Sylvie for helping get us this far.

Sylvie is also making a fascinating documentary off her own back about the insanity defence plea in the American justice system – she has a website here with some video clips for those who are interested.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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