Flight to Cannes

Easyjet_in_air The flights are now booked for Cannes and I will be going down on Sat 17th and returning on Wednesday the 21st. Those few days will be more than enough and I suspect I will return exhausted. Easyjet from Luton came in cheapest at only £65 return. All that is left is accommodation and finalising my pass (through the short film corner).

I should have a band of helpers with me this year, which will be great, as there will be lots that need to be carried down in advance – flyers, posters, signs etc. Arrangements for the launch party are going well and I hope to be able to announce the time and venue later this week, but for now, it must remain under wraps.

I am a little amazed at how much needs to be done for Cannes. In some ways, taking a short to Cannes is as much work as taking a feature. You need all the same stuff, made up to the same standards, and it all weighs the same!

Producer, Ivan Clements is now at MIP TV in Cannes, and flys back next week, before flying back to Cannes in a few weeks time for the film festival! Madness!

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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