Gone Fishing Poster – first look….

Poster_small I just met with Martin Butterworth at The Creative Partnership to take a look at his first crack at a poster for ‘Gone Fishing’. I have spent so long with a specific image in my head that would be a wonderful poster (but only wonderful AFTER you had seen the film!) that anything new was going to be a shock.

And what Martin had done was a complete departure. But in a very good way. I have passed it around my colleagues for opinions and here is our consensus…

1. We all like the feel. It conveys the emotion and spirit of the movie without it being directly ‘about the movie’.
2. It’s light and airy, something that is often absent in short films.
3. It appeals to kids, a demographic we are keen to reach.
4. We really like the energy with the whoosing hook.
5. It feels positive.

On the down side…

1. One person thought the hook looked a bit scary.
2. None of us are convinced about the logo, but it does convey the period aspect of the flashbacks, without looking too ‘old’. I guess we are all sitting on the fence. It’s not bad, but maybe there is something better?
3. The text is of course temporary.
4. The lens flare looks a little like the standard Photoshop lens flare.

Martin is going to give it a second pass now, looking at the text, the hook (which he suggested we make golden which is a great idea), the lens flare and generally jiggling the image all round.

Time is ticking though as we are going to need it all for Cannes.

If you have any feedback, we would love to hear…

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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