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P2029h We are working on innovative ways to get ‘seen about town’ in Cannes. I have also been working on ways to get people to see Gone Fishing on the spur of the moment too. Everyone is going somewhere in a hurry in Cannes, but if there were a way to show them a movie there and then….?

In the past I have used a portable DVD player, which is OK, but you need to be inside and at a table. Interestingly, often the sound is more important than picture, and so I have invested on noises cancelling Bose headphones in the past (as well as making a special compressed track, see yesterdays post). 

So here is my idea… we have managed to get hold of some Vuzix glasses which create the effect of watching a huge screen when wearing them. Now I am fully aware that most people will say, ‘I am not wearing those, I will look like an idiot!’ But, I believe that some, maybe most people who are into films, will also say, ‘yes but I wonder what those glasses are really like when wearing them…?’ And that curiosity, coupled with some Bose noise cancelling headphones, should make the difference. I hope…

We plan to get as many people as we can, to take the ‘Gone Fishing’ experience on the Croisette, and therefore raise awareness of the movie. Remember, they may just take a look and later say talk about the glasses over dinner, and therefore mention the movie… If all we achieve this Cannes is an industry wide sense of the film existing, we will have done our job. And like so much of this crazy PR stuff, you just have to try and see – maybe it will work, maybe it wont.

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

Update – I got a great tipe yesterday from Peeter Marvet about a free tool called The Levelator, a cross between compressor, limiter and normaliser for sound. It's free and works well for voices, but I got strange problems with music, so I can't use it for Gone Fishing. Great tool for voices though. And free.

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