Gone Fishing Plays Hollywood Baby!

GenThis weekend, Gone Fishing has been playing in Hollywood! I KNOW! How amazing is that. It played six showings at the Laemmle theatre on Sunset Boulevard. This was a paid for screening as part of the Oscars qualifying procedure, so we wont get any money back, and in fact it cost us $500 to put it on. Normally there would have been a further £100 to get the print over there, but Genevieve was visiting the UK and was able to pack it into her bag when she returned to LA last week. (Pic right – Genevieve with her daughter Casey Mae, dropping off the 35mm print with the projectionist at the theatre last week)

So now we are GUARANTEED to be eligible for a nomination for the Best Short Film Oscar 2009 – the next hurdle is going to be the short listing. From what I know, the procedure is something like this… in the next few months we send the film in with our application. We then get told if we are shortlisted or not. We then find out live (when the 2009 nominations are announced) IF we have been nominated (that will be later this year or early next year). Crikey. It's quite amazing to be in this place of possibilities.

I have had a few reports back from people who went. Andrew Zinnes, Genevieve’s husband went and called last night after the screening and told me how ‘Awesome and amazing it looked and sounded…’ Both Andrew and Genevieve are now working on a similar project to Gone Fishing, but this time a horror film called Mothers Helper – watch this space!

Andrew also bumped into one of the Associate Producers of Gone Fishing, Brit film maker Kerry Finlayson, who now lives in LA. She was beaming when she exited the theatre and later emailed me to say…

Kerry ‘Seeing 'Gone Fishing' again was great, especially as it was at a Movie Theatre on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Having a film that you were part of, up on the big screen in Tinsletown is a wonderful feeling. I love the film and believe that it will go far in what ever festival, screening or promotion it does. I for one will be promoting it in La La Land!!!!!’ (right – pic is of Kerry and me at the GF premiere at BAFTA earlier this year).

Kerry has also made her own film recently, but in Hollywood. Incidentally, she is featured in British Film Magazine in the same place as Gone Fishing – you can read about that here

I only wish I could have been in LA for the screening!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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