Emails about the Rhode Island Film Festival

RI Since returning from Rhode Island, I have received a huge number of emails on all manner of subjects. I thought I might share a few with you…

There's nothing I can really put into words about how I feel about your project, we've all felt loss, and your film speaks to me, especially with my two brothers gone within the last 12 months, perhaps that explains why I feel it necessary to champion your film, and your cause, simply put mate, you and what you've done for the independent film sector, across the globe, speaks louder than words.

As they say a lot of people talk about what they're going to do, I admire the fact that you're doing it rather than talking about it, and you're dragging every independent film maker along with you, you're encouraging, you're inspiring, you've made the process bigger than just you, you've made it into something for everyone. As they say, it's not how high up the ladder you go, it's how many people you take with you… You talk about 'having the audience' and giving them something, mate you had an audience with bated breath since you released your first book, and said that film making was bigger than money, it was about a truck load of determination, guts and the ability to tell a story that has heart!
We're all following your story, and we all believe in what you're doing. Courage mate, you'll get what you want, I know it. Carpe Diem and Carpe Noctum! Seize all of it!

Simon Van Der Spoel, Documentary Film maker in Australia

RIlogo  I produced and edited the short film BILL, which was also at RIIFF this year. Since I was unable to go to the festival, I naturally scoured the web for coverage of it – which is how I came across your blog. First, I want to congratulate you on your huge win. Gone Fishing looks great, it played beautifully and I really look forward to seeing it! But I also want to thank you for your excellent coverage of the fest. Your videos were perfectly put together, fun to watch and they really captured the feeling of the festival, as well as great specific moments. Even though we couldn't make it out there, at least we could see what we were missing.
Neil Evans, Film Maker

CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS!!!! You're a shining example of British movie making as it SHOULD be!!!!! I can't congratulate you enough on yet another award for Gone Fishing! As an aspiring writer and director (in my first year of a three year plan to become a respected movie maker) the information, both video and text, you publish on your blog has been so very a) interesting, b) useful and c) inspirational. Watching the video blogs over the last few weeks has made meAwards feel like I'm with you and the team on the Gone Fishing journey. I was biting my nails as I sat and watched your latest video entry… on the edge of my seat!
Danny Lacey, Film Maker

Just to see you doing your thing and getting ahead is uplifting and of course amazing. In fact I am not ashamed to admit I have shed a tear at the round of applause the audience give at the end credits got after the showing of your film on the last night. Your webisodes make me feel I am there with you all. Wishing you and your team all the best of good Irish luck in world and I'll keep watching – someone try and stop me!
Katrina Kenny, Film Maker

Thank you from the bottom of my moved heart for your amazing energy.  Your story just absolutely moved my spirit.  Not only was the story in of itself beautiful, the actors had a gleam in their eyes, and the picture captivating.  Often I am overjoyed working with amazing people – and here in 'Gone Fishing' it is completely apparent that the entire experience was just a motion forward for all involved…

Your web blogs are an amazing extension of the contagious energy! It's a whole other story to watch! Thank you once again for such a movement! The energy is seriously progressive… I have a phrase I now use in my new seriousness and commitment to telling stories…'Move on Movers'.  To sum it up…it is extremely contagious to see and feel such excitement coming from such movers as yourself.  And that my friends, is what pushes forward the passions of other movers.  Thank you… So, thank you for Chqthe wonderful gift.  I will keep heavy eyes out for more of your work!  My energies are with you both and your team for many, many more great things to come.  Congratulations.
Tania Montenegro, Film Maker (and worked at our hotel to pay the bills!)

 WOW I have been keeping up with you on the blogs, and this is so well deserved. It is an excellent film and I am so proud of your incredible grace and dignity at the screenings. I thought it was wonderful that you dedicated the closing ceremony screening to your Mum! I loved the joke you made when you took the picture of the audience. Just continue to be yourself, the Chris Jones we all know and love. Keep grounded and have one heck of a blast. SOOOOOOOOOOO Happy, so far so Great!  🙂
Loads of love,
Cathy xxx (Gone Fishing Casting Director)

You said on your blog… "It’s just that most of the time in the UK, we spend too much energy chasing the dangling carrot of Film Council money or other ‘free’ money, and neglect the whole point of what we do, specifically telling stories that really move audiences." God, yes. Bloody well put. We need to keep saying that to new filmmakers, and often. And congratulations on all the success with Gone Fishing. Well-deserved.
Hugh Hancock, Artistic Director, Strange Company

Q It was such a pleasure to meet you and to experience, not only your Award Winning film, but your thoughts and ideas on great filmmaking. Thank you for the encouragement and CONGRATULATIONS on your big win at RIIFF, although I had already called that one on Opening night, that's right, roll the BLOG tape, proof of my prediction! Can you believe I won the Directorial Discovery Award? AMAZING! Congrats again and I look forward to working with you all again, good luck on the Oscars, I'll be cheering for you!
Kalani Queypo, Direct

 What a fantastic journey you've had to Rhode Island, these words really come from heart as I'm fighting back tears here, tears of joy for you and all the people who worked so hard on Gone. The film is not only the only thing that touches people and reaches out for them, your journey does. It's a wonderful dream that we're all living with you – Living Spirit never seemed so apt. Thank you so very much. Where's me hanky!!?
Alex, Director

Being able to watch the webisodes is great for me, since I cannot be there to enjoy the ride. I appreciate enormously that you take the time to record them and to post your comments dutifully even when you are extremely tired. I am sure Gone Fishing will get a nomination for the Oscars, and that down the road you'll harvest many more awards. I feel like all of us involved in Gone Fishing in whatever capacity are travelling on a big, merry train, and that you are the driver; well, let me tell you we WAB2are enjoying some wonderful vistas! Take it easy man, and enjoy the ride! Congrats for the award!
Marino Santirso Ruiz , Film Maker, Spain

Such fantastic news regarding the film. CONGRATULATIONS!! I have been telling my friends about you from the beginning and they are so pleased for you, and the recurring comment I get is along the lines of "that's great because he is one of the good guys, making films with passion for all the right reasons." You are showing them all that it can be done and we don't have to keep going back and forth to screen agencies with our cap in hand. You are an inspiration to all.
Darren Horne, Film Maker

I am just a keen amateur filmmaker ever since the introduction of  8mm films. I am now 71 and still making documentary and family wedding films. I was delighted to see your record of the journey to Rhode Island and wish to congratulate you for the award achieved for the film. I sincerely wish that the film will be nominated for academe award…
Raman Morarjee, Film Maker (and general inspiration to us all!)

Chris Jones, the “Ray Mears” of independent film. It’s one thing to say “go shoot a movie” and write a book on how to do it. It’s another thing to actually teach a course and directly inspire people to “go shoot a movie”! It’s a total mind screw to “go shoot a movie”, tell the world it’s going to the OSCARS and then pull it off!

I’m not sure which is the greater story, GONE FISHING or CHRIS JONES GOES FISHING! Maybe it should be CHRIS JONES WENT FISHING and brought back enough fish to feed the 5000! Your focus, drive, energy, leadership, self belief, networking skills and political shrewdness have been your torches, your passion your compass, and your commitment to the goal your net, if you keep going on like this and people will be calling you a mystic!

Mystic or not, as I wrote a number of years ago, you are indeed a pathfinder, one of the best I’ve ever met and you have shown the road to the promised land is real. Even more to your credit you’ve done it by taking everyone along with you for the ride.A lesser man would have gone it alone. A lesser man would have gone home. A greater man would have gone fishing, and you did! Horrahh, Horrahh for Chris the Fish!
Steve at Whistling Mule Productions Ltd

I saw Gone Fishing when it screened in the Kodak shorts – so was interested to see your blog that came up on Shooting People. I remember that in the acceptance speech at Rushes there was a 'here's the frst step to the Oscars' type line – so wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to you for achieving that by winning at Rhode Island. Nice one!!
Sue Everett, Film Maker

Good lord!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. Free movies November 25, 2009 at 12:51 pm #

    I love film festivals- these are such amazing events, I even played in a film for a festival once- my line was “stop doing it- don’t you know it’s wrong?” and look weird- not to hard I must say but I had a great time and supported my friends- The film didnt win but we had the best time ever 🙂

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