Free Xmas Podcast with Screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine

Last year, I hosted a terrific seminar with British screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine. His latest work is out right now, he did a re-write on ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’, so you can see just what circles he moves within. Exam

He has also just directed his first feature, a 35mm widescreen psycho thriller called ‘Exam’, which plays in ‘24’ style real time. I was asked to get involved as an Associate Producer, which I happily did as the words just flew of the page when I read the script, and that’s a rare thing.

The Podcast with Stuart covers being a professional writer in Hollywood, while living in the UK – that was the title anyway, but we discussed soooo much more.  You can download, listen to and keep the podcast by clicking here…

Or you can use the player here…


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Over the next few days I will be releasing more free podcasts, a kind of Best of 2008!

Onwards and upwards!

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