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Podcasr As a special Xmas diversion for those of us who get a little bored with the Queens speech, listening to a slightly drunken Uncle Albert tell us the same old stories or have just maxed out on their Wii’s, here is a collection of special film makers podcasts that I put together and released over the past year or so. I will be putting one up on the blog every few days or so… There will be many hours of fun here, and you can download all and keep as MP3’s or you can listen directly here from your browser. If you want more info on our future free podcasts, and other stuff we do, add your email here…

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If you have film maker friends who would like these free Podcasts, send ‘em a special Xmas message to swing by the blog here at

So first off, when I uploaded Distribution Guru Stacey Parks’ seminar last week, I forgot to give the direct links so you can keep the seminar if you like it. So here they are… Each one is about an hour.

Part 1

Part 2

Film-finance-Handbook Earlier this year I hosted and evening with Adam Davies who wrote the The Film Finance Handbook… Here’s how we advertised the seminar…

Of all the questions new film makers ask me, the most common is ‘where do I get the money?’ Well now is your chance to find out what money is out there, who controls the purse strings, and what you need to do to get it

This one night seminar at Ealing Studios is given by Adam Davies, co-author of the brand and spanking new How To Fund Your Film Book, which is hugely expanded from the last edition.

So now you can listen to an edit of the seminar by downloading the link here…

Or by using our player below

Remember to check in again over the next few days for another free Xmas busing podcast.

Onwards and upwards!

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