Press Site Now Live!

Gfcard The new Gone Fishing PRESS website is now up and running. This is a dedicated website for members of the press and is not a film site about the movie. I decided to do this when I noticed while attending festivals, just how reluctant journalists seem to be now, to carry a press pack around with them. And it makes sense too, as I can continually update a digital one, as well as being eco friendlier.

The idea is to make geting content to a publication as easy as possible. Like all websites, this will always be work in progress.

I have also had some small bright business cards printed with this URL clearly emblazoned across it – this means I can give the journalist something in their hand in the moment, something with ONE simple message… Press info is here…

The URL is itself easy to remember too –

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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