Final FREE Xmas PodCasts on 2 Documentaries…

DVD ArrivedIn the final of our Christmas Podcasts, we have a documentary double bill for you. Last year I interviewed Australian film maker Simon Van Der Spoel about his self funded and very successful doc about Aussie Spitfire Pilots, ‘Spitfire Guardians’ – the trailer is above. Since then it’s been mastered to DVD and you can buy it here. Simon is also a Gone Fishing contributor and he sent me a mail over Christmas telling me his DVD had finally arrived.  Yes that’s him in the pool! Lucky so and so! Here’s what he had to say about the DVD…

G’day mate, here’s a photo of when the DVD arrived… it still moves me to tears at the
end, and I’m counting down the days for the announcements…

Our second offering is a Podcast I recorded with Shira Lane, director of Got The Facts On Milk, her first feature doc and a journey into the dark heart of the dairy industry. She won the audience prize at Rhode Island when we won best film.

You can visit her website here too.

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas Podcasts and I trust that as we all return to our lives this January, that every one of us has a great 2009!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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