Postcard from Hollywood

The Santa Barbara Film Festival has kicked off, and what a great town too – a great place to chill out with other film makers. The first screening of Gone Fishing was late last night, and most people left the Q and A session as it was coming up for midnight, so there was no chance to grab any feedback from the audience afterward. What is really nice is that there are a lot of locals, much like in Rhode Island. There seems to be both a local pride in the festival, and also a real interest in meeting new film makers and watching the kind of films that don’t make it to their multiplex’s.

I am staying in LA and commuting to Santa Barbara (about 90 min drive up the coast) because of meetings in LA as things are starting to get more interesting. It’s a hike but I think needed right now.

This video is the first one I have done in HD, so you should be able to watch in quite high quality, full screen (click on the little icon on the bottom right of the video screen).

Right, I MUST get some sleep!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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