The Deal Is Done…

SImonYoung Great news. Today we agreed a deal in principle with BOTH Network Ireland (Derry O’Brien) and Shorts International, (seen here, me with Simon Young from SI). We managed to split the rights to get the best of both worlds. Shorts International’s special relationship with the Academy (Oscars folk), their enormous reach and corporate scale (with all that brings), and Network Ireland’s TV sales experience over decades (and their positive reputation and existing relationships with buyers).

What this really means is that over the coming months, Gone Fishing will be sold into various markets, sometimes individually, sometimes as part of a package.

We are still awaiting full agreement on the contractual fine print, but we are pretty much agreed on all points. It’s GREAT news for us all and it will mean ‘Gone Fishing’ reaches a much wider audience.

Now I have to finish packing for tomorrow…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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