Downtime in Downtown

Skybar Last night was time for a little down time – LA style.

I was whooshed off to the Sky Bar, an incredible bar that overlooked glittering LA. It was complete with eight foot plant pots with trees in them, beds instead of chairs and a very inviting swimming pool as a centrepiece. Very very LA.

I have been brushing up on my LA lingo from some Valley Girls too… Local phrases such as BFF, that would be ‘Best Friends Forever’. Also Mannie Peddie! That’s a male pedicure. I am not sure how these two phrases came into conversation but that in itself gives one an insight into the culture here.

Wherever you go, you can hear other peoples conversations wafting over… ‘the auditions are at ten…’, ‘did you read the coverage?’, ‘if we cut this scene…’ I know that we all know that everyone in LA is in the film business, but it’s one thing knowing it, and another being inside it. Very intoxicating for sure.

I also got a mail from a guy who I interviewed in The Guerilla Film Makers Movie Blueprint book. His name is Adam Mason and he had made a DV horror movie when I interviewed him, somewhere in the Cotswolds if I remember. Here’s what he said in the mail today…

…since then I’ve done really well, directed 6 features and over 90 music videos and a bunch of commercials… I’ve lived in LA for 2 years now, I’m signed to CAA and have a great manager… and I love it here more than anything. I saw you are looking to move here and I can help with your visa and stuff if you're serious about it. I know how to guarantee you to get a 3 year 01 visa. It can be done in less than 6 weeks. Just wanted to offer some help as I grew up reading your books and they were a big influence on me!

This illustrates two very important LA points.

1. There is a definite ex pat community that will help you if you move out – Adam is one of many, including the amazing Kerry Finlayson, who have been very generous with their knowledge and time.

2. If Adam can make six features out here in two years, LA really is a place where things happen!

Very very interesting.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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