Dinner at the Doctor Hogly Wogly Tyler Texas Barbeque

DrHoggly I had the most authentic American Birthday dinner tonight, a mountain of meat at the Doctor Hogly Wogly Tyler Texas Barbeque. And I mean a MOUNTAIN of meat. Gen and Zee took me there as a birthday treat, and right now, I can hardly move I am so stuffed.

The food was terrific, the atmosphere extremely authentic and the service top notch with a bunch of middle aged, gum chewin’ women charming us all. They even came out and sang a short birthday song to me, Achapello style! It all felt like I had somehow slipped into a 1950’s Americano timewarp.

We were joined by one of Gen and Zee’s friends, a successful LA based producer of TV and features, and in true LA style, we ended up swiftly talking shop. That's what I love about LA, everyone is in the film or TV business and its always OK to talk about movies. Always!

Hoggly All in all a great night out, and I really recommend a visit to the Doctor Hogly Wogly Tyler Texas Barbeque if you are in LA and if you are a carnivore.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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