Do you want to go to a film festival?

6a00d8341e322053ef00e553db2c8e8833-800wi I just emailed all the Associate Producers about the festivals Gone Fishing is playing at… In case some of you missed it as you have changed email address or job, here it is again…

Dear D'Fisher… And Associate Producer!
We are now getting in to lots of US based festivals, so many we can't make it to all of them. In the next few months we have one weekend where we are playing FIVE festivals in the same weekend.
So… We have an idea.
Do you want to fly to the USA, or if you live there, to represent Gone Fishing and team Living Spirit at a film festival? You could attend the festival, watch tons of unique films, meet other film makers, go to parties, go to awards and if we win, collect the award on our behalf. If you are really brave, you could even shoot a video blog! Of course we may well not win the festivals, so please don't have too high expectations.
Here's the catch. There is no budget. You would have to pay your own way. On some occasions, festivals will accommodate you. Most will feed you so you shouldn't have to spend much when you got there.
So if you have time and a little cash on your hands, and would like a fun and crazy experience, drop me a line.
If you live in the States and feel inclined, drop me a line letting me know what town and state you live in. Or if you could combine this with a trip to see relatives.
Right now we have fests in New York, Colorado, California, Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina, Miami coming up… And who knows where next!
So if this sounds like fun, let me know and I will get in touch with us at

PS – This offer is also open to any crew members too!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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