Gone Fishing at the Performance Short Film Competition

From guest blogger Eddie Hamilton

When Chris asked me to go along with Vernon and Ivan to represent Gone Fishing at the first Performance Short Film Competition on 25th March 2009 and shoot a special edition blog webisode I was thrilled. We were shortlisted down to the final 12 out of over 400 short films entered. But we did not expect to win anything on the night and I explain why during the video, so don't get too excited.

Performance is a new Film and TV insurance company (www.performance-insurance.tv) which is trying to raise its profile within the industry, and holding the short film competition this year has been a great way of doing just that.

Thank you to Lee Scott, the managing director, and to Andrew, Helen and Hayley for organising such a great event and for supporting short film makers.

One small piece of feedback to make the competition even better next year… the films were all shown off the original DVDs submitted during the entry process, which meant that there was a level playing field during the screening that evening, but it would be great next time to allow films that have a 35mm print to screen off 35mm.

The entire Gone Fishing crew worked long and hard to create the best film we could and a competition screening like this at a prestigious venue like BAFTA is what we live for. So it's a great shame, I might even go so far as to say it's heartbreaking, when your film isn't presented in the best possible format, which of course is Anamorphic 35mm with Dolby Digital surround sound. Chris asked if we could use a 35mm print for this screening but sadly it was not possible this year. Lee and Andrew, if you're reading this, thanks again for a terrific evening, please try and remedy this next year if you can.

I hope all you Gone Fishers enjoy the video! What is most exciting is that Chris recorded his little introduction and uploaded it for me to edit into the webisode, but because he's been on the other side of the planet he has not seen any of the other footage. So when he watches the video he will be enjoying the emotional ride as much as everyone else reading this, which of course has never been the case before.

Thanks again to all the associate producers, it's because of you guys that we are lucky enough to attend evenings like this and represent you all. Hoorah! WE WON!

And also thanks to Matt Morreale who has stepped into the breach many times now to help with the filming. He has his own company here too, and made his own short, A New Dawn, which you can watch here.

Now, in the words of Chris, onwards and upwards!

Eddie Hamilton, Film Editor


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