I have finally succumbed to Twitter pressure…

Twitter-bird-2 Finally I have succumbed to Twitter. Last year, a few film makers suggested I get a Twitter account, and at the time, I knew I should check it out, but it was just another thing on my list to do… and frankly, I was overwhelmed.

So now I am on Twitter, finally. And it seems like most people beat me there too. I am not sure how effective it will be, but I suspect at very exciting times it will be a GREAT way to communicate in real time… We have some awards next week so we can Tweet live from the event.

So for those of you who have not yet Twittered, and feel Twitter pressure, what is it exactly? Well to my mind, it’s a cross between Facebook, SMS messaging and Instant Messenger services like Microsoft Messenger. It’s public so anyone can join and watch passively, or interact too. The deal is, all messages are short, like an SMS, and there is no media content like photos or video. Just texts. You can use it on your web browser, on a desktop client, or your phone (via SMS).

As a Twitterer, you have ‘Friends’ (people or groups YOU are watching) and ‘Followers’ (people or groups who are watching YOU). So for example, celebrities have lots of Followers, and only a few Friends. And everyone can interact.

I have no idea if this will prove a powerful new tool for Indie film makers, or just another online distraction, but I am going to give it a go and see where it leads. So if you want to start following my Tweets (see, I already have the lingo down), head on over to Twitter and join – my name on Twitter is livingspiritpix.

As I am in the States right now, I wont be Tweeting from my cell phone as I don’t have the SMS capability without bankrupting me, but in due course I will get it going on my cell phone. For now I am testing out desktop clients so I don’t need to log in to Twitter to read and send Tweets (I am using Twhirl right now which is working well but if anyone knows of anything better, er, tweet me!)

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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