I have signed with a Manager in LA

OK, so I have now signed with a Manager, here in LA. His name is Andy Trapani, and I met him in the Bahamas, where he was a judge at the festival. At the award party he said he would like to talk to me about repping me, so we talked, and after coming to LA and meeting further, he is now my manager! FANTASTIC! This all happened last time I was in LA, and I wanted to update you with where we are at, TODAY…(Andy also produced 'The Haunting in Connecticut' which is on relase in the UK now)

First off, the business is in dire shape over here. The credit crunch has really locked down all risk taking. People are downsizing and there is a sense that no-one’s job is secure. So people are making safe bet movies and TV. Add to that the looming SAG (Screen Actors Guild strike) and it makes for a terrible situation. It seems that until recently SAG was offering a guarantee that if you started production, a strike would not affect you even if it took place – but now that guarantee is off the table too, so you could be halfway through a shoot when SAG strikes and the whole film would shut down. So no-one os prepared to go into production. Madness.

Then add to that the anxiety that two major agencies may be merging (rumour rumour), William Morris and Endeavour, and it’s chaos.

Soooo, amidst this madness, Andy sent out Gone Fishing to all the major and bigger agencies, to people he has a relationship with. So far about half have come back, and EVERYONE loves the film, but they have passed for a number of cited reasons… ‘The current climate…’ being the biggie. BUT… One agent LOVED the film. I mean REALLY loved the film. And he wants to meet… Let’s see how the remaining agents react and then we can strategise our meetings.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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