White Angel 2, Kiss of Death Killer

Harriet I just had dinner with actress Harriet Robinson. Harriet played the lead character in White Angel, the serial killer thriller I made in the early nineties that gained so much festival heat at the time. The film also starred Peter Firth as the serial killer – it’s about a writer researching a killers biography and it’s a taught cat and mouse thriller.

Flash forward 20 years and Harriet’s character, Ellen Carter, is now in prison (for reasons we can’t disclose unless you have seen the original film). She is writing the biography of another killer, a female serial killer known as The Kiss of Death Killer…

Backbeat We are working on the script now and I am delighted to announce that crime writer Rod Duncan is helming it himself. Rod has several crime novels under his belt and is all over WA2 as it’s, in his words and ours, ‘Right up his street…’ He has a blog here too.

Alongside Harriet reprising her role, I will be returning to direct, and Genevieve Jolliffe will also be returning to reprise her role as Producer. This will be a slow burn project and we will only move on it when the script is cracker jack hot.

The theme of the film is that of redemption. What if you had done terrible things? What if you really did change and repent? What if no-one was prepared to give you a second chance? Would you even deserve that second chance? Does anyone? Theses are all ideas that we will be exploring with the characters, while wrapping it around a taut thriller too.

I am very excited to be returning to the characters and themes in White Angel as they are a complex and rich tapestry of human emotions. I also rang sales agent for WA Lise Romanoff who said ‘White Angel does what it says on the tin, it knows exactly what it is, has a great cast and that all makes for a film that is easy to sell…Let’s hope the sequel does the same!’

You can buy White Angel in a double DVD with Urban Ghost Story here…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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