The Heart of Gold Film festival, Gympie, Australia, The COMPLETE WEBISODE

As is now customary, I have edited ALL the webisodes from the ‘Heart Of Gold Film Festival’ together, along with the ‘Performance Awards’ in London, into a single webisode.

The sheer scale and diversity of this webisode – the behind the scenes, the interviews with film makers, the shooting on opposite sides of the planet (and uploading / downloading footage for editing on both sides of the planet) and the fact that we have made nearly an hour of doc style programme, really does illustrate that it is possible to conceive, shoot, edit and distribute in a day.

If you have enjoyed these webisodes, please tell your friends to swing by and check them out… Astonishingly, we have GREAT news yet to come too… Check back!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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