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Monand Last week, I recorded a podcast over Skype with author of Machinima For Dummies writer, Hugh Hancock. The podcast was suggested by Hugh after he took the online Gone Fishing masterclass (you can read his glowing review here), and we discussed many things, including a whole new evolutionary step in film making which I call ‘Semi-pro’.

You can hear this podcast on Hugh’s Machinima For Dummies blog here… (direct podcast link here).

Hugh was also good enough to recommend a couple of Machinima Examples. Here's what he wrote… which are below…

If you get a chance, here's a couple of Machinima films you might find interesting as a look at the genre, for both strengths and weaknesses:

"Apology" – a short (3 min) character piece. Quite successful, probably represents the upper end of storytelling and characterisation.

"The Return" – personally one of my favourite Machinima pieces. It's a fantasy story that I thought got an epic feel into 5 minutes.

"The Monad" – The Machinima equivalent of the classic "excellent but depressing" short film. A bit longer at 12 minutes, but some excellent storytelling, and shows off the higher end of Machinima visuals.

Cheers, Hugh

I have also been ‘taken out’ over the last few days by a tooth abscess, which has been extraordinarily debilitating. I am on antibiotics now but need to keep dosed right to the max with pain killers. This has caused a near complete collapse in my ability to do anything at all. Within this catastrophe for me is a message though. Take the opportunity while you can. It really has been a reminder to ‘get on with it’ as life is short and there are no guarantees. So for that, I am grateful.

Right. Back to bed. I have only managed one hour a night for the last two nights.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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