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Hot on the heels of last weekends success with the shiny brand new workshop, Delivering Your Film to the Sales Agent, comes the original ‘classic’ Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass, the workshop that started it all. There have been over 1,000 graduates now, and I have held this workshop around the world over the past decade. What does it do? Essentially it lays out a road map for you and your long term film career in such a way that you can get going RIGHT NOW! It’s about giving you the tools and knowledge to take the next big leap TODAY, and to make that investment work for you so that the following steps appear logical, effective and powerful…

Here’s a bit from the mail out that we sent yesterday…


PLACES ARE LIMITED – BOOK NOWbr> Call now on 020 8758 8544, or 07977 516 628 or email

Course dates July 4th / 5th, EALING STUDIOS – £247.00 inc VAT

Here are some quotes from previous course members…

‘If I ever win an award for film making I will thank Chris Jones in my acceptance speech. Honestly!’ – Philippa Heal – Film Maker

‘This is a ‘magic’ course which truly embraces and expresses the potential lives of British Indie Film makers. It is, itself, a journey.’ – Rebecca Kibble – Film Maker

‘You will come out of the course wondering why you have not made a film yet!’ – Rose Wicksteed – Film maker

‘I have delayed my trip back to Australia for this course, and it has been TOTALLY worth it! I will go home many times more motivated…!’ – Derek Huckel – Film Maker and Actor

‘Chris has broken down the remaining barriers that have kept the dream behind bars – I now feel free to make my movie’ – Paul Skellett – Director and Editor

‘Profoundly motivational… This course provides the kick up the arse any would be film maker needs to get going.’ – Oli Lewington – Film maker

Here’s a few quotes from previous students…

"Well impressed, Chris Jones gets the top banana award for inspiration, education and provocation. His course "The Guerilla Film Makers Advanced Masterclass" illuminates a road that few have ever successfully traveled. He maps out the terrain with the skills of a battle hardened SAS pathfinder and is your survival guide in the feature film production jungle. Hunt him down and get equipped before you start your campaign and you might just make it. Chris directs his audience through the minefield of independent film making with confidence and clarity. His own experience as a 3 time feature film maker and writer of "The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook" allows him to deliver his hard won insights with more conviction and pragmatism than just about any other independent filmmaker in Britain today. His perspective and depth of knowledge is unique and an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to follow in his footsteps on the path to full feature film production."
Steve Wilson – July 2002 Course

"the opportunity to talk to people who have "been there" and "done that" was of inestimable value. A very worthwhile weekend"
Owen Carey Jones – Writer

"Chris has answered in two days every question I ever asked myself over the last four years. It is a brilliant course and I could not be more satisfied and with the result!" – Jimmy Jones

Want to pay by cheque?
Drop us an email to confirm your place and then send a cheque payable to Hard Copy, to Hard Copy, Ealing Studios, Ealing Green, London, W5 5EP.

'I guarantee you will leave this course buzzing, armed with new knowledge and prepared from a point of enlightenment, to really go for it in a way you could not have done so just TWO DAYS EARLIER… WOW'
John Andrews, Film Maker – Previous Attendee

GET YOU MOVIE MADE NOW! The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass will be run by the author of The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook and Movie Blueprint, Chris Jones, and will be held at Ealing Film Studios over the weekend of July 4th / 5th.

 '…I have made three feature films, and recently got Oscars shortlisted for my short Gone Fishing. All the features have received international and theatrical distribution, even the short is going theatrical in June! And this course will show you all the how's, where's, why's, and how much… of your first movie – and how to survive it and move on to the next…' Chris Jones

It’s a ‘full on’ two day seminar, with very long hours, heaps of clips to illustrat
e points and covers everything from conception to completion, with a special emphasis on post production and distribution, the areas most people fall down at… Loads of new features have been added for 2009…

Course Objectives…  Attendees will leave with…

1. A short, mid and long term view of their career in film and TV

2. The tools and drive to make a movie NOW…

3. What movie to make and WHY you chose a particular story over another… The world is full of people who know how, you need to be a person who knows WHY…

3. The knowledge of the pitfalls to avoid, thereby maximising opportunities and budget…

4. The knowledge of how to get sold and distributed, and move swiftly on to the next movie… 

5. To be inspired and have a great time learning, making new contacts and film maker friends…

6. Attendees will also leave with a special script book and a flowchart poster detailing the whole of HD post production…

More info is on our website at

If you want to come, call 020 8758 8544 or 07977 516 628 and and speak to us. Or email us at If you get the answerphone, leave a message with your phone number and we will get back to you. Hope to see you on the course, and look forward to a rollercoaster weekend!

More on the seminar…
What is the course and who is it for? It was put together by the authors of The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook to manage the overwhelming amount of enquiries received from new and young film makers. Too much time was spent helping others and not enough on making their own films, so it was decided to organise weekends, whenever convenient, to answer as many questions as is physically possible in two very very long days.

The two day event covers everything from your films conception to it’s completion and all the way through screenplay, production, sales and distribution, with a new special emphasis on theatrical and video distribution. There’s special emphasis and problem areas such as business structures, legal issues, post production, getting the best cast, marketing, markets, and of course, the all important international sales.

STOP PRESS – We just ran the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass REDUX 2009 in Australia to RAVE reviews! AND NOW BACK IN THE UK FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE UK FOR 18 MONTHS!

'It was truly an empowering experience and one that I know Jason, Greg and myself absolutely needed. In fact it was precisely what we needed. Chris was unquestionably the most honest, candid, and generous film maker I have had the pleasure to meet. He met each day with extraordinary energy and crammed those days not merely with information, but with affirmation and ultimately inspiration. He treated every participant with such wonderful respect and patience regardless of experience, and offered to us not only tools and ideas but himself. To be honest, I learned more in those two days than I have in years of filmmaking, not just about the craft, but about myself. If I was weary, frustrated and uncertain of my standing in a filmic world when I arrived, I have departed, energised, focused and tremendously excited about taking our work to the next phase. In short- a life changing experience.'
Shane Emmett, Film Maker, QLD, Australia

'After producing a string of award-winning short-films and doco's, and frustrated at not being able to move to the next stage with our concepts, we were feeling spent and disillusioned. Then we met Chris Jones' at his Guerrilla Filmmakers workshop in Gympie, Australia. Wow, man he put the steel back into our rod. The passion is back…we are on the road again…watch out world…here we come'
Greg Hall, Producer – The Treehive, Australia

'I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming all the way to Australia to do the Guerilla Masterclass! Even though there were almost 30 other people in the room, it felt like everything you were saying was directed right at me – it was everything I needed to hear and learn.'
Candice Deere, Writer/Producer from Maryborough, Australia

Watch a video of how the event played out here on our blog.

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