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I have been working all day on the Delivering Your Baby* (*that’s your film) seminar which I am running on Sunday at Ealing Studios. In conversation with various distributors and sales agents, I am struck at how hard it still is to make delivery of a film, especially in this day and age. It’s arguably even worse as HD means ten different things to ten different people, never mind navigating S4PFS, 23.97PFS 4:4:4 colour sampling and audio stem mixes! I have just gone through an HD nightmare myself with one major festival who first said they wanted ‘HD’, I enquired what kind of ‘HD’, then they said ‘HDV’. I said that sounded odd, and they cam back with, ‘sorry yes,  HDCam’. Two days later I got the mail, sorry we meant ‘HDCamSR’! And this is just a festival!

Reading through the full delivery list sends a shiver down my spine. It really does. I know what I am doing but crikey, this stuff is soooo complicated and there is so much of it. Anyway, that’s one of the reasons why I set up the workshop.

So if you want to know what a Copyright Search Report is, how much it costs, and what it looks like… and you may need one in order to sell your film (along with over 50 other esoteric bits and bobs in a standard delivery schedule for a sales agent, including umpty thrumpty versions of your film), then book your seat now.


This FILM workshop could save you tens of thousands!

We know that your movie is your baby… But like all babies, when the time is right, it needs delivering – for films, that's the point where you hand your movie over to a sales company, and it's usually the point where things, for indie film makers, start to fall apart… That's why we built this workshop.

DATE One day only, June 21st, Ealing Studios, West London… Price just £99 inc VAT

MAKING THE GREAT FILM is one thing, we know you can do that…! But after the premiere, and after you have cut your deal with the sales agent, you will be presented with a 12 page ‘delivery schedule’, a mind numbingly detailed list of potentially hundreds of expensive items that they say will be needed to sell your film. It’s not just the movie, there is sooooo much more.

This seminar will uncover EXACTLY what you REALLY need to deliver a film to the market, when you need to deliver it, and how much it will cost.

WHAT SALES AGENTS ARE SAYING – After interviewing many sales agents around the world, their number one problem when dealing with indie producers is that the film makers often underestimate just how much time and money it takes to fully deliver a film, saying ‘do we really need all this stuff?’ and ‘but we have no money left’. Delivering a professional feature film to a sales agent can, if left unchecked, cost upward of £50k! YES WE KNOW, that may well be MORE THAN YOUR BUDGET!

YOU COULD GET RIPPED OFF IF… One thing that often happens is the sales agent says, ‘I will cover the cost of delivery’. In reality this means they will go to a big company and get it all done for you, and pay top dollar too. That’s YOUR money they are spending! They don’t mind, they get there commission off the top of any sales first, and anything left over goes to paying back the cost of delivery. The upshot? You rarely get any money. It's up to you to be professional.

Worse still, we have come across situations where some sales agents also OWN the delivery companies, so they PAY THEMSELVES YOUR MONEY to do work you could hussle for much less, or even for free. Knowledge is power!

DATE JUNE 21st (Sunday), Venue Ealing Film Studios – £99 inc VAT.

CLICK HERE and use the BUY NOW button.

This one day seminar will step you through the whole delivery process for three distinct movie models…

1. No budget self distribution (budgets under £20k)
If you are going to sell your film on DVD, online or even a small cable channel, what will you need? This is mainly technical stuff, but some legal paperwork will be needed too.

2. Ultra low budget, small sales agent (budgets £20-200k)
So you have made an ultra low budget film and you have someone interested in selling it. Most likely one of two things will happen. One, your film is a hidden gem and they will do a deal with Lionsgate or Miramax etc, and you are away as they will rework your film anyway. Or they will sell it piece meal, territory by territory… So what are they REALLY going to need to close these smaller deals with say a small German distributor? Or a Korean buyer? This delivery list will be the bare bones minimum needed to exploit your film commercially. Remember they want an easy life so they will demand EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE. It’s up to you to understand what it all means and negotiate the delivery schedule down to something manageable.

3. Low budget, attracting mainstream sales agent (budgets upwards of £200k)
So you had some money, not a lot, and you have turned in a terrific pic and the sales agents are talking about Cannes, Toronto, German Theatrical… These guys will hit you with a terrifying list of technical and legal requirements. We go through this list in detail, remove what is not needed and finally settle on the definitive deliver list for films in the 21st century.

Schedule for the day
09:30 Registration
10:00 Film Sales recap. Doing the deal and how it all works.
11:00 Read through of the delivery list
11:30 Coffee
11:45 Delivering the No Budget film
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Delivering the Ultra Low Budget Film
15:30 Coffee
15:45 Delivering the Low Budget Film
17:00 Conclusions and discussions
18:00 – 19:00 Ends

During the seminar, we will hand out samples of paperwork and provide physical elements to handle so you fully understand what these items are. We will also show relevant video clips and run through, in detail, QC (Quality Control) report sheets. Attendees will also receive contacts for companies and institutions you may need to work with in order to make full delivery of your film.


The workshop will be led by veteran film maker and author of The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook, Chris Jones and will also feature expert guest speakers (TBC).

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If you want to know more about sales, read the free interview pulled from The Guerilla Film Makers Hollywood Handbook here.

The course is held at Ealing Studios in West London. If you would like to know more or book a place, call the office on 020 8758 8544, mob 07977 516 628 or send us an email with your name and phone number. If you want feedback from our other courses, you can read it here.


Film Sales
Expert Views

‘I've been an inter-national sales agent and I have also mentored hundreds of film makers through, and it's often a shock to many film makers when they discover exactly what they need to supply to a sales agent or distributor in order to even begin selling their film. This seminar fills that gap.’
Stacey Parks, / Author and Producer

‘I’ve made five indie features so I know how it feels, and I am now a sales agent who sells films made by other indie producers. This seminar will save film makers months of headaches and potentially tens of thousands of pounds. Thanks Chris, you made my job easier!’
Julian Richards
Sales Agent, Jinga Films

'I always take a deep breath when working with new film makers. Their films may be great, but I just can't sell them if they can't deliver what I need and to the highest technical specifications. Getting it right and making FULL DELIVERY is critical to the commercial viability of your film… if it’s not up to scratch technically all the effort everyone has put into the film is worthless, as it will not sell'
David Nicholas Wilkinson, Guerilla Films, UK Film Distributor



 'If I ever win an award for film making I will thank Chris Jones in my acceptance speech. Honestly!
Philippa Heal – Film Maker

"Combines showing you the daunting scale of what you are undertaking with inspiring belief that you can do it."

Simon Aldous-Screenwriter

"I feel I've now got the confidence and knowledge to make the jump from shorts to features. It's so rare to have an opportunity to listen to someone who doesn't treat me like an idiot. I've learnt so much – every minute was golden to me."
Julie Randall – Film Maker

‘Excellent presentation. My journey all the way from Lagos, Nigeria, was well worth it. It’s one of those life defining moments. THANKYOU CHRIS!’ – Bili Odum – Investment Banker

"I learned more about film-making in two days than I did in two years of academic study. If you only attend one course this year make it this."
Jamal Mustafa


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