Piracy? Moviescope Article Hits My Inbox…

Moviescope I am back in the UK and enjoying the fact that the weather here is about as good as it was in LA! The next feature for Moviescope landed on my desk today, an article I wrote about piracy, which sparked some debate when I discussed some of the principles on the blog (original post here and do read some of the comments, very interesting perspectives).

I am sure this article in print will get create some debate again, and I hope that6 debate may lead to some innovations to move the business forward. When I was in LA at the PGA conference, there was much talk about mobile media and cross platform media, all pointing to an architecture where all content is available globally and on all devices. I am sure this will come to pass.

You can read the Moviescope Article here and it will be in print in the coming weeks. 

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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  1. Mark June 14, 2009 at 9:51 am #

    I have doubts as to whether piracy can ever be stopped. Mobile devices can be recorded easily. In fact whats to stop a country with lax rules from doing top notch transfers and distributing on the web? I think Piracy will get bigger and bolder unless we as a society start to want to restore order and follow rules. That will be a job for education and parenting.

    For the near future I think the internet should be split into two parts. One regulated and another part stripped to bare essentials for those who crave the freedom. The regulated part could have new computers designed and geared for it and a strategy of marketing and ease with modems and peripherals making it appealing. The unregulated part could have all adverts and commercial parts removed. All businesses would Im sure want to sign up to a safe secure new internet. The new regulated version could build in safeguards and get rid of spam as well as viruses as part of its package. I think the regulators oould be elected by the internet community themselves.

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