Producers Guild Of America Producers Challenge… my itinerary

PGS So I now have my itinerary for the conference, and I am loaded up with business cards and DVD screeners, ready to work that room! Here’s what I am up to during the conference, and of course in the breaks, I will be networking like crazy…


PBC Kick-Off Party on the Paramount Pictures Lot 05-Jun-09 08:30 PM

B2 – Assembling A First-Rate Producing Team: How To Get Hired By The Best In The Biz  06-Jun-09 11:50 AM

B3 – The New Big Bang: Participant Content and The Future of Storytelling Sponsored by Plymouth Rock Studios  06-Jun-09 02:00 PM

B4 – The Collaborative Process of Visual Effects: From Previs To Post  06-Jun-09 03:30 PM

The Digital 25: Visionaries, Innovators and Producers of 2009 Cocktail Reception 06-Jun-09 06:30 PM


B5 – The Independent Producers Roadmap To Videogame Development 06-Jun-09 05:20 PM

B6 – Media In Motion Sponsored By Nokia 07-Jun-09 09:00 AM

A7 – *World Premiere* PGA/ASC Camera Assessment Series  07-Jun-09 10:30 AM

B8 – International Coproductions: Alive and Well Sponsored by American Airlines 07-Jun-09 02:00 PM

A10 – Profile: Marvel Studios 07-Jun-09 05:20 PM

B9 – A New Dimension: 3D Stereoscopic Production Sponsored By Real D 07-Jun-09 03:30 PM

6.00pm The PGA Awards 2009

Phew! Wish me luck!

UPDATE – I have also just found out that we are up against four other short drama’s for the short award. I had not heard of any of them, but here they are, with what I know…

Lucifer – According to IMDB it cost $3.5m which is astonishing (if true). There is a link to watch it here on the official site. It certainly has the production values!

After the Storm – When a catastrophic hurricane rips through Florida, it leaves in its wake a wasteland of matchstick trees, overturned cars, and shattered lives. Afraid to leave his home unprotected, Perry, a dedicated family man, weathers the storm only to find himself stranded with his wife and child in the threatening aftermath. As Perry struggles to salvage what little remains, his insecurities slowly tear at the fabric of his marriage to Patrice, who wishes for nothing more than to celebrate their survival. But as tempers flair, the couple soon discovers that the storm was only a prelude to an even darker fury ahead.

A Son’s War – Prague, 1939. The true story of Jan Wiener, a young Czech Jew struggling to survive at the outset of Nazi occupation during World War II. As the German army tightens its grip on the city and danger grows ever closer, Jan is ultimately forced to choose between his freedom and his mother.

Snowyville – I can’t find much about this, aside from it looks like an animation that has been developed into a feature film.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. Mark June 3, 2009 at 10:52 am #

    Good luck Chris. You’ve got us all rooting for you.


  2. john dredge June 4, 2009 at 9:52 am #

    we’re with you in spirit chris! in living spirit!

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