The Devil Is In The Detail…

Plate For the last few days I have been hunkered down, going through endless Sales and Distribution delivery contracts for the Delivering Your Film to The Sales Agent workshop this weekend. It’s been a mammoth task, unravelling ALL the DETAIL from the reams of documents and contracts I have been sifting through… and as we all know, the devil is in the detail. For instance, most statements need to be notarised by a public notary, which is quite expensive. Or, you can negotiate to have contracts witnessed by a solicitor, which should cost a fiver, or free if you know one! That tip alone would save you the cost of this workshop (there are a LOT of contracts and statements that need witnessing!). We have a few places left, so if you are sitting on the fence, now is the time to make the leap! More info here…

On another note, casting director Catherine Arton is in Canada at the Toronto World Wide Shorts Film Festival, where she arrived sick as a dog! She got doctored up (Canadian style which is apparently superb) and is now on the fix (opening night review here). We should be getting some reports from her in due course, as well as Associate Producer Alan Coulson who attended the Tokyo Short Shorts Film Festival on our behalf. Still waiting to hear with bated breath.

And a rare treat arrived in the post today, possibly our most unusual trophy yet from a festival win! It’s a wooden plate, engraved, and sent from the Big Island Film Festival where Gone Fishing won the Golden Honu, for Best Short! Awesome!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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